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So I decided we should learn a little bit more about Erin. I told her to send me a list of 25 random facts and here they are. Let me know how many things you have in common with her! 

Crystal asked me for 25 random, possibly secret, facts about myself.  I had to call on the Dream Team to assist me (Dawn, Kim, Danielle, and Ginny), so some answers are theirs… 

I am a big ole ball of randomness, so enjoy!!  ;)

1) My favorite non-chocolate candy is Sprees.  I must eat Sprees in pairs of two, and they MUST be the same color.  If, at the end of my container, the colors do not match, the remaining Sprees must either be returned to the box or matched with the next closest color (i.e., orange paired with yellow). 

2) I enjoy mung bean soup even though I’m pretty sure very few people know what a mung bean is. 

3) For a while, I was completely obsessed with the Amish way of life.  I tend to read about something then get fixated on it for a while before I move on to something else.  My friends and family benefitted from my whole “I will cook everything from scratch all the time” Amish obsession.

4) From Kim—When Erin claims people as friends, they get all of her fierceness in their defense.

5) For four years, I played a recurring character named Agnes Finkenhoffer.  She was the BIGGEST nerd ever.  I secretly enjoyed letting my inner nerd out so often and in such a public way. 

6) I have a Diet Pepsi with Lime and a container of chocolate every day at 3:30.  If I don’t get it for some reason, I get cranky.

7) Speaking of Diet Pepsi with Lime, I use caffeine to help control my ADD.  Instead of hyping me up, caffeine actually settles me down and helps me focus.

8) Before I got my contract for The Prophecy, I used to check out and read 8-10 books every time I went to the library (like weekly or more than weekly).  Now, I’m lucky to read one book in 8 weeks. 

9) I eat the same thing every single time I go to restaurant.  I’m not a “try new things” with food kind of person.

10) I never drive on the highway.  NEVER.  I take back roads everywhere I go and am affectionately called “The Human GPS” by my friends.  Once there was a hurricane that came through and flooded nearly every road.  I happened to be out that day and trying to get back home.  Because I know every single back road, I found the only one that wasn’t flooded.  I then spent the day on the phone with friends who were stuck, directing them back home safely. 

11) From Kim—You could literally talk all day and never get tired.  But you’re a good listener too.  (I love how she added that caveat to lessen the “you’re a chatterbox” blow—LOL!)

12) I am OCD about the refrigerator door, the oven, and the house doors.  I have a routine, which must be followed, or I can’t leave the house.  First, I make sure the refrigerator door is closed (must press it three times).  Then I make sure the oven is off (say “off” three times).  After that, I check the front and back doors (three turns) to ensure they are locked.  I’m not kidding. 

13) I love the movie The Matrix, and sometimes I secretly think we live in that world. Whenever I have deja vu, I think, “It’s a glitch in the matrix.”  Remember, there is no spoon, people.  There is no spoon.  PS. My cat’s name is Trinity.

14) I currently hashtag conversations, texts, and emails.  Twitter is taking over my life!!

15) I am an obsessive hand washer/hand sanitizer user but not because of germs.  I hate the feeling of film on my hands.  It all started in high school when my parents used to take me to a biscuit place (we’re talking Southern—American South—fluffy buttermilk biscuits) for breakfast.  The biscuits would leave this film on my hands.  If I touched my hair, I’d smell biscuits all day.  I couldn’t stand that, so I started washing my hands a lot.  Still do it.  People assume I’m a germaphobe, but I’m not.

16) I have a fairly long hallway in my house.  I use it like a runway sometimes because I’m slightly obsessed with America’s Next Top Model.  Even though I’m way too short to even be considered, I’ve got my runway walk prepared just in case Tyra calls!  ;)

17) I NEVER leave my house without makeup on.  Never.  I even run half marathons with makeup on.  No lie. #ImVain

18) I am a total indoor girl.  One time, I had this huge urge to run outside and stand in the sun.  I KNEW something must be very wrong with me, and I was right!  The doctor confirmed I had very low vitamin D levels......caused by not going outside.....You see the vicious cycle?  LOL! 

19) I get distracted very eas….

20) When my girlfriends and I meet for lunch, our conversations hop down 20-30 different bunny trails, but we always manage to return to the original conversation before we leave.  I think it’s an art form.

21) I don’t like tea.  In the American South, drinking tea (particularly sweet tea) is practically a requirement.  My grandmother can’t wrap her mind around my distaste for tea, and I’m afraid she might actually revoke my Southern card over it. 

22) I am a total Trekkie.  Whenever I see someone in a red shirt out and about, I automatically worry about his/her safety and longevity.  For those that don’t know, a red shirt always gets killed off on Star Trek…  ;)

23) Even though I am a grammar freak-a-zoid, I love making up my own words.  Instead of cussing, I’ll say something like “cheese monkeys.”  I even started a whole special hashtag on Twitter that my Tweeple use…#lurve.  I love words like “ridonkulous,” “confrused,” and “amazeballs” even though they are not real words and would probably get me in trouble with other grammarians.   #GrammarRebel

24) I am scared to death of ET.  My co-workers found that extremely humorous and taped pictures of the creepy little alien all over my work chair.  Not cool, folks. Not cool at all. 

25) One of my most favorite places to write is in the backseat of my car during a rainstorm.

10/04/2013 10:02am

Love this! Erin, you are amazing!! It's almost November!! Holla! <3

10/04/2013 12:49pm

Wow, Erin! That's some randomness. ;-) I'm totally there with number one. I do this with all candies (M&M's, Sweetarts, Junior Mints, whatever).

Oh, and the red shirt thing? Too funny!!

10/04/2013 1:11pm

You like the Matrix too! That's so weird... or is it?

10/06/2013 3:16pm

LOL! You guys are awesome! Thanks for stopping by and reading!! <3

Carolyn Faulkner
10/13/2013 8:20pm

OH WOW!! That is my Erin!!! LOVE her to pieces...rabbit trails and all!!!! I think I knew most of these, but I have known her for YEARS!!!! YEARS!!!!! But, my life would not be complete without her in it!! :-)

Carolyn Faulkner
10/13/2013 8:22pm

OK, well, not sure that came out just right!! I just mean that Erin is one FANTABULOUS friend!!! {See, I, too, can make up words!!!} We go way back and my life is richer to have such fabulous friends like Erin in it!!! :-)

10/27/2013 10:00pm

Awwww, Carolyn, I love you, girl!!! :)

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